Video for Facebook – how to get it right

By 2019, 80 per cent of internet traffic will be video – or so they say. That’s some projection – but it’s one well worth noting. And what is this being attributed to? Facebook, of course.

According to The Huffington Post, Facebook is responsible for more than eight million video views per day.

Owen Lee, digital advertiser and Huffington Post blogger, advises video creators on how they can up their game and come up with the best Facebook-worthy content that viewers will engage with and remember. He suggests just two simple steps to achieve this with ease:

  1. Make it snack-sized. People will only view for a short time – and your first few seconds count the most.

Lee says: “Whilst advertisers are investing more than ever in mobile online they’re still exposing users to long, landscape ads that take ages to get to the point, then wondering why people aren’t remembering them.”

  1. Use subtitles. Your video needs to work without sound as 85 per cent of videos on Facebook are now being watched silently.

Lee says: “With subtitles at least your message is being seen and understood by your audience.”

As Lee explains, it’s not rocket science. “An increasing trend of more mobile interactions per day for less time a session, has natural implications on content producers,” he says. “To get people engaging with your content you need to stop making long wide-screen, audio heavy ads, as they simply aren’t watched or cared about. Instead try to make something you could watch on a short bus-trip. Quite simply; make it short, get to the point, be visual, be vertical.”

It’s like he took the words right out of our mouth!