Boosting your SEO with video

The ever-rising popularity of video lies in its undisputed effectiveness. When it comes to awareness, education and – ultimately – sales, its powers are unrivalled by other channels.

But did you know that video can significantly improve your SEO, too?

For search engines, the presence of video is a strong indicator that you are offering quality content. When used as part of a mix of media on your website, video signals to search engines that your site contains rich media that’s relevant to the search terms.

And, if predictions are right, video’s ‘ranking factor’ – or ‘importance’ as defined by search engines – will only continue to increase, further boosting your page rank if you include video.

However, the mere inclusion of video is not enough – and there are other simple steps that you can take to cement your position higher up in the search rankings. So, what are they?

Firstly, the more information you supply about your video the better, as it will help search engines to identify it as relevant to search terms. Carefully consider your key words and tags, and make sure you label up your video with a sensible, short title and caption, along with any graphics or supplementary files. And – if you have the time available, including a transcript of your video will make it significantly easier for search engines to find.

Secondly, do what you can to get as many likes and comments on your video as possible. The best thing you can do to aid this is to make sure you have great, engaging content that people instinctively react to and share. The more engagement you have, in terms of likes, comments and shares, the higher quality the content will appear to search engines, pushing you up the ranks.

Other elements to consider include where to host your video – on YouTube or your own site (there are arguments for both) – and making sure your video is optimised so it doesn’t take too much time to load. If a video doesn’t load quickly, visitors to your site are likely to give up.

You should also think about what your video’s thumbnail looks like; make sure it’s enticing enough to encourage visitors to click on it.

It’s a whole new world to many businesses, but one that can easily be cracked with a little thought, research and creativity – plus some expert advice or assistance, should you need it.

With the cost of creating great video being as low as it’s ever been, and the benefits growing daily, it’s the ideal time to incorporate video into your marketing mix.